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Alpenwildpark Feld am See

A destination with 4 attractions: Wildlife park: Walk in the child-friendly zoo, children's playground, petting zoo. Fish Museum: Native sea and river fish preparations, Mirnockriese. Grizzly world: animals of the Canadian wilderness, accessible bear cave, Trapperhütte. Experience Africa: Leopard Cave. Saloon, dragon cave. New: Energiedom. Tips: bad weather program: fish museum, grizzly world and experience Africa in the natural trap. 2 video room nature films. Saloon, dragon cave. New: Energiedom. Dogs on request. Petting zoo, children's playground, saloon, dragon cave, lucky pond in the fish museum, Mirnockriese, walk-in bear leopard cave, tiger cliffs,

Prices starting from:
€ 11.00 € 11.00 120 minutes.
+43 (0) 4246/2776

Last updated: 2019-08-23 20:31:33